kristina creque

Kristina Creque

Associate Director, PMO

Kristina Creque is Associate Director of Program Management at Two Six Labs.  She leads our teams, providing support and structure for our rapidly expanding research portfolio.

Kristina’s leadership extends beyond the norms of scheduling and budgeting. Leveraging her years of experience as an engineer, Kristina has successfully implemented lightweight and effective management processes in a technology field that is often reluctant to adopt them.

Kristina joined Two Six Lab’s predecessor, Invincea Labs, in 2012 as Lead Research Engineer focusing on Mobile App Security. There she led two key efforts for the team, and was quickly promoted to Associate Research Director of Mobile Security. Beginning with the Sigma contract in 2014, Kristina transitioned to Project Manager for the Sigma program, where she applied her management philosophies to larger projects in the Invincea Labs portfolio. Her success on Sigma lead directly to the creation of Two Six Lab’s Program Management Office, a team formed to share these proven and effective skills throughout the organization.

Kristina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Her first job after graduation was a one year internship at BMW in Munich, working in both German and English-speaking environments. Upon returning to the U.S., she entered the world of government contracting, working at Raytheon for nearly 8 years. Kristina explored technologies from embedded systems to software development, progressing into cyber security research.

Kristina’s broad experience informs her leadership skills, skills she now uses to empower Two Six Labs employees, and assure Two Six Labs customer needs are met and exceeded.