chris wacel

Chris Wacek

Associate Research Director

Chris Wacek currently leads Two Six Labs’ effort to change the current paradigm for defense against radiological threats through the DARPA SIGMA program. The SIGMA platform is a distributed real-time sensor network capable of acquiring and processing thousands of sensor reports, and delivering actionable intelligence to users within seconds. Mr. Wacek also leads a number of similar and related efforts to develop the next set of technologies for protection against radiological threats: including the DNDO Wearable Intelligent Nuclear Detection (WIND) and DARPA Local Radiation Detection App (LRDA) efforts.

Mr. Wacek’s background is originally in networking and security, and has led or contributed to a number of advanced research projects focusing in that area, from situational awareness for enterprise networks to security and performance in anonymous overlay networks. Mr. Wacek also holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer Science from Georgetown University and has published multiple peer-reviewed papers focusing on the performance and security characteristics of various anonymous networking techniques, particularly on improving the performance and security of the Tor onion routing network.