Region-scale, Real-time Radiological Detection, Identification and Response Platform

SIGMA in Action

Watch how SIGMA works in the real world.

SIGMA System Overview

The SIGMA advanced radiological detection system is a secure, cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that provides data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization for region-scale networks of personal, mobile and static radiation sensors. The product of years of R&D and real-world testing, SIGMA is the industry’s leading self-contained radiological detection platform, supporting person-carried, vehicle-mounted, and static placements through a real-time monitoring and collaboration platform.

SIGMA Technology Platform

No matter the situation or location, SIGMA is equipped to detect, monitor, and report radiological activity in real-time, providing support to first responders and keeping operations informed. SIGMA can provide comprehensive coverage footprint for any situation, whether installed in high-traffic centers, temporarily deployed at high-profile events, or sensors carried by mission operators on the ground.

The SIGMA system incorporates a customized configuration of sensors – stationary, vehicle-mounted, and handheld – along with a central web-based interface for command and control. Stationary sensors can be installed permanently or set up temporarily, while vehicle-mounted and handheld sensors provide situational awareness in-transit and on the move.

SIGMA Capabilities & Features

  • Interactive command and control
  • Region scale continuous monitoring and situational awareness
  • Accurate and rapid isotope identification to inform responses
  • Sensor variety covers any deployment area
  • Unobtrusive static sensor installation and small, cellphone sized handheld sensors
  • Scalable from tens to thousands of sensors
  • Advanced automated threat detection and isotope identification of sources in seconds
  • Easy to set up, easy to tear down
  • Up and running in minutes and hours, not days or weeks
  • Ideal for mission-specific deployments or defending high-profile, onetime events and locations

Product Features


Combining networked sensors together into a powerful shield, SIGMA provides instant real-time visibility of alerts from any sensor, anywhere within your deployment.


SIGMA displays alerts in real time on a live map view of your deployment, anywhere in the world.


SIGMA stores historical data for all sensor logs and automatically builds a background map of your deployment from this data, granting improved awareness of abnormal detections.


Basic training for the SIGMA mobile app can be completed in minutes.


SIGMA provides real-time scanning, real-time alerts, real-time source analysis, and real-time communication with all networked sensors.


99.999% uptime and a backend powered by the Amazon S3 cloud ensure always-ready access to SIGMA services.


SIGMA operates seamlessly with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of sensors, and scales to meet the needs of your deployment, large or small.


SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and an extensively certified cloud backend ensure your deployment is accessible only to authorized personnel.


The SIGMA Local Edition mobile app can perform immediate analysis of sensor data with no need for an internet connection.

Command and
Control Web UI

The SIGMA web-based user interface is a modern web application providing situational awareness and command and control for the SIGMA network. SIGMA provides a revolutionary, cloud-hosted, fully connected network capability that enables instant communication between all system components.


SIGMA Static emplacements are configured for permanent physical installation in a variety of locations. Systems can be designed and built to appear as a natural part of public structures, electrical utilities, and other stationery fixtures.


SIGMA allows individual carriers to go where no stationary sensor can go. The ultra-compact, pager-sized detector and accompanying mobile application allows anyone, from first responders to counterterrorism operators, to be the first line of detection and response.


SIGMA can seamlessly integrate with existing technologies and tools, powerfully augmenting and enhancing an organization’s defense capabilities. Integrations include situational awareness with tools such as Domain Awareness System and VizSafe, as well as government systems including DOE Triage and others.

Vehicle &
Mobile Detectors

SIGMA vehicle-mounted and mobile detectors allow for in-transit detection and monitoring capabilities. All detectors can be configured to both report to the vehicle operator and report remotely to the SIGMA network to deliver real-time situational awareness on the move.

SIGMA is available on GSA Schedule IT-70

SIGMA is SOC-2 Certified

This technology was developed with funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
Approved for Public Release, Distribution Unlimited