Mission command system for cybersecurity operations


Cyber operations are built on a complex web of moving parts. Mission success requires personnel on the same page, from the commander to the operator. Teams need the ability to standardize procedures during training and execution both. Starting in 2019, we partnered with DARPA and the DoD to create IKE, an end-to-end platform enhancing cybersecurity operations to achieve better, more consistent outcomes.

IKE began as an Air Force AI and machine learning development contract as the result of a competitive acquisition process.

IKE is a state-of-the-art platform providing users throughout the entire command chain the ability to plan, prepare, execute and assess cybersecurity operations. Automated processes powered by machine learning reduce manual effort for operators. Advanced battlespace visualizations give cyber commanders precise, real-time insight into networks. Offline collaboration ensures efficiency even in the toughest environments. What’s more, reporting tools allow teams to track their impact every step of the way.

With IKE, standardized military processes are finally brought to the cyber warfare domain. Whether the DoD Cyber Mission Force or other agencies and partners, IKE can identify risks, streamline responses and track the outcome — all in one platform.